Ben Marwood - Demons EP
4th February 2013
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Josaka Music

Tampa International
All Teeth On Skin
You Can Run Away For Money
Daria [CAKE cover]
Tampa International (demo)

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Ben Marwood & Quiet Quiet Band Lay Low
4th February 2013
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Josaka Music

Ben Marwood - Run Home
Quiet Quiet Band - Homemade Pistol
Ben Marwood - I Promise You That It Will Be Okay [EP version]
Quiet Quiet Band - Fudge
Ben Marwood - A Bedpost Mostly Notches
Quiet Quiet Band - Town & Country
Ben Marwood - Come All Ye Unfaithful
Quiet Quiet Band - Sutterton Roundabout

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Ben Marwood - Incidents/Accidents EP
December 2012
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Friendly Fire (alternate version)
Five Little Secrets (alternate version)
You Can Hold On Once (alternate version)
More Good Propaganda (alternate version)
Question Marks (alternate version)

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Ben Marwood/Jim Lockey/Oxygen Thief -
Exclamation At Asterisk Hash

July 2009
Broken Tail/Josaka

Jim Lockey - Waitress [EP version]
Ben Marwood - Friendly Fire
Oxygen Thief - There Can Be Only One
Ben Marwood - I Will Breathe You In
Jim Lockey - The Boat Song [EP version]
Oxygen Thief - Too May Trees
Ben Marwood - You Can Hold On Once
Oxygen Thief - Sunclouds
Jim Lockey - Atlases [EP version]

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Ben Marwood vs. Heartwear Process -
Hold Your Breath/Swallow My Tooth

January 2007
7" vinyl
Velocity Recordings

Ben Marwood - Hold Your Breath
Heartwear Process - Swallow My Tooth

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