My name is Ben Marwood. I'm a songwriter, a guitarist and a singer (after a fashion).

I wrote this website in ten minutes a few years ago as a placeholder, and here it still is. I should really fix that.

To date I've released two actual proper albums (Outside There's A Curse/Back Down) on Xtra Mile Recordings
and other things in other places, and I'm excited to announce the third album, Get Found, is out on the
7th of April, 2017. Didn't you see the ad?

If you like what I do and want to say hi, email is preferred: benmarwood@gmail.com, or if you're
feeling brave you can also follow benmarwood on snapchat for infrequent pictures of my mum's cats.

b. x

Upcoming Gigs:
06-04-17 The Brunswick, Hove, UK
07-04-17 The Monarch, Camden, London, UK
08-04-17 Southsea Sound, Southsea, UK
and more on the Shows page

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